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Who is is a website paid for and administered by Paul Davis, doing business as Linux Audio Systems, in Galisteo, New Mexico. The website exists to make the digital audio workstation software called "Ardour" available to users and developers, and to share information about the program.

You can always reach Paul via email at, though general privacy and data protection questions should go to

What Information Do We Collect from You?

We collect your email address and the name you provide when you register with the website (or its sub-sites such as If you use our forums, we will also store the text you provide us for your forum posts. We also keep generalized web server logs that contain your internet address when using the website.

If you purchase Ardour from us, we will store information about the transaction that we are provided by the payment processor. This includes the email address you gave them.

If you download and use a ready-to-run version of Ardour from, the program will attempt to contact at startup to determine if you should be notified about a new release of the software. If the computer where you use Ardour is connected to the internet, this process will store the computer's internet address and an identifier for its operating system.

If you report a bug to our bug tracker, we will store whatever information you provide as part of the bug report.

If you are granted access to our Git server, we will store a public SSH key that you provide us, in order to provide you with access to the server. If you push commits to our Git server, we will store those git commits, and will retain these commits in perpetuity because they are required for the legitimate interests of the Ardour software project. Analysis of the development history of the software is a critical task, and altering the history represented by git commits interferes with that task in a fundamental manner.

How Do We Use Personal Information

We use your personal information only to establish and maintain your account(s) at In particular, we want to be able to provide you with software updates without cost, since this an explicit part of our contract with you when you pay for the software.

If you report a bug to our bug tracker, we may send email notifications to the email address you provide when the status of the bug report changes, so that you may remain involved with the report you created.

We do NOT use your personal data for marketing, to carry out polls or surveys, or to announce new releases or other news.

When Do We Privately Share Personal Data?

Never, unless required to by law.

When Do We Publically Share Personal Data?

Never, except for forum posts and bug reports which are inherently public by their nature.

Where Do We Store and Process Data? runs on the services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), specifically their US East (Virginia) region. Your data is stored on hardware run by AWS, using virtual computers administered by us.

How Do We Secure Personal Data?

The data we collect from you is stored on computers with typical administrative measures in place to prevent unauthorised access. Two individual persons have authorisation to login to the computer system involved.

How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data

In general there is no fixed lifetime for your personal information.

Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

You have the right to access a copy of the personal data we have stored about you. You have the right to request that we delete all personal data we have stored about you. To exercise these rights, contact via email.

For developers only: please note that git commits that you might have made are considered part of the legitimate interests of the, as a part of the Ardour software project. Our record of these commits will not be edited or removed under any circumstances, regardless of any personally identifying information in the body of your commit or in the commit meta-data.

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